CougarPlay Review is a casual dating web site dedicated to find cougar or MIFL women in your area looking mostly for one night stands or sex dating. If you are into cougar women this site have a lot to choose from and the fact that most of them are there just to meet a sex partner make it very easy to start chatting with them. Actually over 90% of those I contacted got back to me in less than 24 hours.

There are plenty of women on this site in many countries making it even better if you travel and are looking for a quick sex date in the city or country you are going. I have been in Europe and Latin America recently and everywhere I have seen a lot of local women connected.

The site use a credit system, so when you sign up you will get free credits to chat and get the contacts of the women that interest you. Once the free credits are gone you will have to buy additional credits to be able to continue to send message but they have a lot of promotions and special offers available.

If you travel in different countries, most of the local women have very limited English so I recommend that you use Google translator to write in their own language when you contact them. This way your response rate will be much higher. And when you meet them in person, you both know why you are there so there will be no need for much words …

Tip #1. When you signup upload some photos and update your profile. Be honest with what you are looking for so you will attract the right person.

Tip #2. Be active. When a woman search for men on the web site, she will first see those that are online, then those recently connected, etc. If you do not login to your account for weeks or months your profile will be listed way down and probably most of the girls will never see it.

Tip #3. Update your location. Most of the women search for mean near them or choose they own city when searching. If you are from London but go to Amsterdam for the week end, change your location to Amsterdam during the time you are there. This way you will get local women to see your profile.